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Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer Review: Call Phones

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Hangouts Dialer Review

If you are looking forward to calling someone right from your Hangouts app without spending a penny from your main cell phone balance, then Hangouts dialer is the app that you can leverage. It allows you to make phone calls anywhere in the world right from your Hangouts app. And guess what! If your acquaintance resides in either the US or Canada, you can make a call to them for free. However, do note that you need to have an active internet connection to make the phone calls. So, utilize the Hangouts Dialer and get in touch with your contacts anytime and from anywhere.

Features and Functions

When you have the Hangouts dialer app on your smartphone or smart device that supports calling, it is not merely about calling on phones. There are lot many features that help you enrich your conversation. Other than calling on phones, you can even use the app to call on landline numbers too. The app offers you an outbound caller id which allows the people who you called to see your number rather than the text ‘unknown’ flashing on their screen.

With the Hangouts dialer app, you can connect to your Google Voice number so as to make VOIP calls in the Hangouts app. When an app allows you to make its shortcut on the home screen, it becomes amazingly convenient for the people to access it. Now, same is the case with the Hangouts dialer app. The app allows you to make a shortcut on the dialer screen of the Hangouts app. This gives an instant access to the users of the app. The app also comes with a call log. It helps you in keeping a record of people you called and phone calls that you received from them.

Though some of the features may sound technical but using them is a simple and seamless affair. All it takes is mere practice for some time and you get used to each and every functionality offered by the app.


There is a little difference between Hangouts Dialer app’s interface and that of your default calling app. You come across altogether a different interface when you are setting up the app. However, once you are done setting up the app, you are redirected to an interface which looks similar to that of your default calling app. You see the number pad, your balance, and information on whether or not the call you are about to make is free for you. On the whole, the interface of the app is familiar and simple.


There are times when you are conversing with someone on the Hangouts app and the person on the other end either faces an internet issue or goes offline without informing you in advance. In any of the case, when your conversation comes to a halt without any prior notice, you can leverage the Hangouts dialer app to instantly make a phone call to the person you were chatting to. Setting up the app is quite easy and so is using it. The features, functionalities, and the overall interface of the app are user-friendly, thereby, making it a preferred choice of many.

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